Episode 4: Rose Gives Allen Dusk Head Hickeys

What is more sexy than a Cenobite?
More haunting than a clown waiting in a sewage drain?
More creepy than ravenous, nuclear-enhanced bed bugs?
The amazing Allen Dusk of course!


Allen stopped by today and we had so much to talk about. We discussed his Splatter-punk novel, Shady Palms, his latest horror/erotic anthology, Diverse Desires, our favorite Stephen King books, the horror movie Hellraiser, writers killing characters, Allen gave me good advice on writing a Sci fi story and “folding space”, he hinted at his upcoming stories- Girl Alone & Proteus Bell, and we even talked about dreams we’ve had of one another.

 If you want to read/listen to some Allen Dusk, here you go…


Episode 3: Hanging out with Zander Vyne

Hello Everyone! I had the lovely pleasure of Zander Vyne joining me yesterday on the show! Nothing like a girl popping another girl’s cherry…. *Ahem*… Er, nothing like two erotica chicks hangin’ out!

Once our tech-savvy husbands got the kinks worked out of Skype, Zander and I flew! Our conversation went all over the place and together we chatted about all kinds of stuff! Here is just the tip of the iceberg, nicely laid out for you:

1.  The founding of the Facebook group: The Slush Pile; the perfect place for writers to find eager Beta Readers.

2.  Zander Vyne’s style of writing. Some call it Dark Literary Erotic Fiction, but I like to refer to it as Deliciously Rich Dark Chocolate.

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3.  Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing.

4.  The trick to writing rape and violence in erotica, with mention of Remittance Girl’s short story, “On a Very Dry Afternoon in Early Summer“.

If you want to connect with Zander Vyne:

Blog:  http://zandervyne.blogspot.com/

twitter:  @Zandervyne

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/zander.vyne.7

Amazon Author Page:  http://www.amazon.com/Zander-Vyne/e/B00BBF8YG0/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Thanks so much, Zander! Thrilled you stopped by for the chat!

And, thanks to everyone else out there listening!


Episode 2: “Psychopath’s” and A Writer’s Tools for Character Development ***Trigger Warning***

Episode 2: “Psychopath’s” and A Writer’s Tools for Character Development ***Trigger Warning***

Hey Everyone! Welcome to this second episode of The Sexy Librarian’s Blog-Cast, where I bring you the topic of “psychopaths”. I discuss historical cases of actual convicted killers so, if you are sensitive to this particular real life topic, please do not listen to this episode.

In a nut shell… I have spent the last week or so delving into several documentaries and articles regarding U.S. charged, sentenced and executed psychopaths-including several inmates waiting on “Death Row”, all in an attempt to discover a more solid identity of one of the main characters for my erotic/horror novel, “Wolf”. After several months of toiling over my character, “Benry Goothe” I decided to take it upon myself to learn just a little bit about the true psychopath. I needed a better foundation to give life to the psychopath in my story.

In this off-the-cuff and oftentimes ‘jumpy’ discussion, (sorry, still learning how to just ‘wing it’, lol!) I mention the names of several convicted serial killers, some of their bizarre compulsions and I very loosely broach the topic of ‘why’. All this research led me to finally figuring out which psychopath best fit as a guiding tool for my main character. This episode is by no means a news report, I am absolutely not a psychologist and don’t even begin to pretend that I understand the reasons why psychopathic killers do what they do. I just took several personally grueling days to observe. I discovered that some psychopathic compulsions did fit my character, but many didn’t. “Benry Goothe” is not a real person, and although his character may bear similarities to actual convicted criminals, he is in his entirety, a work of fiction.
My roll, specifically as the voyeur, was to decide how to best present my character. I am a believer than in all good convincing fiction there must be some grain of truth. All of my fantasy begins from some kind of reality or other. My novel, “Wolf” is some 50k words strong, but I noticed over and over that my character “Benry Goothe” still hadn’t really been born yet. I wanted to find a way to gain depth and create reader-empathy. And the only way for me to create a psychopath was to observe, through interviews, several real life psychopaths.

Also, I have purposefully avoided discussing my opinion regarding capital punishment. As a writer it is my job to understand a character inside and out. I must be able to understand why they do what they do. So when you hear me say that “poor” – insert psychopath’s name here – it is only because that is where my head is for my character, “Benry Goothe”.

Thanks so much for listening!

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