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lana_foxI’ve had my eye on Go Deeper Press for a while now, and it’s Co-Founder Lana Fox. Lana has amazed me over the last couple of years with her open-minded approach to publishing erotica and her uncensored and endless support of this genre’s authors. Lana visited The Sexy Librarian’s Blog-cast for a wonderful discussion about publishing erotica. She dropped some knowledge that is invaluable for any new writers out there wondering whether or not they should go the traditional route or if they want to tackle their dreams the Indie way. Have a listen here.

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Halter & Hook by Rose Caraway

Alright Lurid Listeners, here is my very first equine story
Halter & Hook by Rose Caraway

Halter and Hook

Shelby is just your average slut looking for the right bronco rider to satisfy her. But, yet again, another lover is walking away when he finds he can’t keep up with Shelby’s feisty desires. Poor Shelby finds herself all alone in her father’s stables during monsoon season–well, if you don’t count her new desert-bred Arabian, who strangely wants to be the only “man” in her life. Listen along for an adventurous roll in the hay, Rose Caraway style.

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Eddie The Auger Harley's Mis Adventures In Porn

Available NOW in Amazon Kindle

Dirty Thirty Redo 3

Available at the end of May, 2015!

I ♥ the 80’s

Remember at the beginning of the year, when I said that I meant business in 2015? Well, I totally meant it. The autographed copy of The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica found a forever home after traveling the globe! I couldn’t be happier for Lurid Listener, Kevin! Congratulations, my friend. That is one sexy library that is soon to arrive at your house! My thanks go out again to all the contributing authors who helped make this happen.

I Erotica Authors!

The Mating ChamberAlso, over at the KMQ, we released my story, The Mating Chamber from The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica audiobook! I know! I said we wouldn’t, but I was so excited to give that sexy traveling library away, Big Daddy simply had to celebrate and show our thanks to all the Lurid Listeners who entered the contest! So if you want to have a free listen, just click The Mating Chamber! Or listen now!

Up next, over at the KMQ, will be a short story written by, yours truly! This episode is titled; Halter and Hook, and is scheduled to be released Sayidthis coming Monday. This story began as a very naughty dream, back in 2010! My very first “equine” tale may be a paranormal or it may not be–you be the judge. I was watching LOST at the time and couldn’t get the dripping wet and very sexy, “Sayid” out of my mind. I hope you all enjoy that when it goes live. I will post for all when it’s uploaded.

Barney RossAlso, I am putting some finishing touches on my very first ‘fanfic’ story! This will be another KMQ episode that is set to release in just a couple of weeks. This one is based on Sylvester Stallone’s, The Expendables movie’s. Yes, you read that correctly, lol! I am a child of the 80’s, when Action Adventure movies were blowing up the screen as much as my mind! Not to mention completely influencing my night time fantasies! Gimme muscles and explosions and damsels in distress, pretty please! My story is titled, Love Is A Battlefield and it is my best attempt at writing what I think Sly himself would enjoy if he were to listen.

Eddie The Auger Harley's Mis Adventures In Porn_coverAnd… I have finally published my novella titled, Eddie “The Auger” Harley: Mis-Adventures in Porn. Right now, Eddie is available as eBook only, but he will soon be available in print and audiobook too. If you are a longtime Lurid Listener, you will remember several episodes dedicated specifically to good ol’ Eddie, Suck the Line & A Good Rim Job to name a couple. He’s straight out of the 80’s, man (hmm, there’s a theme happening here), and he’s loving life as a porn star. Here is the brief description:

It’s 1984, the New Golden Age of pornography. Where VHS is bringing porn home to the masses. Eddie “The Auger” Harley can’t wait to make his mark in the adult film industry. A fledgling company like Lurid Productions is just the place to start. Eddie likes that the scenes are cheesy and the scripts clichéd, but most of all he likes the women. Everything takes off like the perfect dream. However, things become complicated when the director’s wife gets involved. Join Eddie as he must choose to help his friends by participating in some of the darkest, most gratuitous scenes of his life, or face the death of his career.

Dirty Thirty Redo 3COMING SOON!!!

Rose Caraway’s Dirty Thirty. This book will be available in print, ebook and audiobook very soon!  Stupid Fish Productions is rockin’ the house over here, my friends, and we can’t wait for the next project.

Sexy Librarian’s Big Giveaway! And A Little Somethin’ Extra!

Well It’s finally here! The Drawing for the world traveled, Author Autographed, The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica! Did you win? Have a listen here!

Map with Heads 8UK Map with heads 2Allen Dusk SL headshotKay JaybeeRose author headshot traviling library Tamsin Flowers headshot KD Grace Head Shot Katya Harris KT Hicks Profile pic Kristina Wright headshot Kelly Maher headshot Name City Chase Morgan Author headshotOlivia Archer SL headshotSLBBoESalome Wilde headshotRachel Kramer Bussel headshotDL King  headshot4 Sexy Emily Bingham  Kay Jaybee

Rose Wears Kinky Boots with Eric Leviton

Hey Everyone!

Eric LevitonI can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to announce that, Actor, Singer, and fellow Podcaster, Eric Leviton of the six time-Tony Award winning Broadway play, “Kinky Boots” was in the house!!! This has been a long time coming and, at last, Eric stopped by The Sexy Librarian’s Blog-cast for a Kinky Boots Playbillvery lively conversation regarding his work as a Broadway actor and how he got into podcasting. Plus a whole bunch of stuff in between! For example; his special talent that a few ladies specifically enjoyed…

Eric Leviton discussing producting and hosting interviews for his very own podcast show, “How We Talk About Sex”, which is designed to talk about sex with real people, to open communication regarding the various aspects of sex so that everyone can be comfortable.
Have a listen :)

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Special Thanks to Mike Anderson for letting us use the “Sexy Librarian” song
See the video!