This Is What It’s Like by Kass Goldsworthy

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Hey Lurid Listeners! Today’s episode features a hot and sweaty cuckolding story taken from The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty Thirty Vol.1 anthology titled, This Is What It’s Like written by Kass Goldsworthy.

Here is the link for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s article What Erotica Writers Thought of the #AskELJames Q & A and COSMO.

Catch the interview I had with Sinclair Sexsmith here:

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Inside the Erotica Author’s Studio with Sinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair SexsmithAlright, my friends. I’ve got another interview ready for your earholes!

Erotica Author, Essayist, Poet & Educator, Sinclair Sexsmith returns to The Sexy Libarian’s Blog-cast, this time to celebrate our latest anthology; The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30 Vol.1 and their featured story titled, Bully.

Sinclair is a creative type who you’ll want to keep your eyes on. They’ve got so much to offer, not only the erotic reading community, but I believe the rest of the world too. Between generous contributions to their Erotica fans and teaching workshops to help us to better understand our Dominant and Submissive selves, Sinclair somehow finds time to write insightful essays 1619251_500326866737735_4792061918784395402_nregarding personal identity, building individual strength and what it means to accept our own and others’ sexualities.

An enormous wealth of knowledge and experience joins this conversation as Sinclair, myself and Dayv Caraway discuss; the writing of realistic power play in erotica and experiencing it in the real world. Trust between sexual partners, and Sinclair’s upcoming D/s Workshops. (I suggest you register now if you want in!)
We also talked about:

The Crashpad Series by Shine Louise Houston, and Snapshot–the next feature film by Shine.

Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex series DVD’s.

Sinclair’s Say Please anthology (which features the taboo vomiting story we talked about), and their 2015 Novella Project.

Dark Odyssey: Surrender (where kinksters, queers, swingers, spiritualists, the adventurous & the perverted gather for an intense weekend that fuses Sex, Kink, & Spirit)

And the word counter–for writers interested in seeing their most commonly used words in a body of work.

And just as James Lipton does on the show Inside the Actor’s Studio, I ask Sinclair those very important Pivot questions!


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Barcelona by Malin James

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Hey Lurid Listeners! Today’s sexy episode is kicking off The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30 Vol. 1 release, (Ebook, Audiobook) by featuring a story by one of my favorite erotica authors. The lovely, Malin James. Malin has contributed two stories to this anthology and it is my great pleasure to present one of them for you today. Here is her story, Barcelona.

It all began in…*sigh* ahh, Spain…where a beautiful woman first lusted for a handsome man, and where fate seemed hell-bent on getting in the way. But, as Malin James is wont to do, the tension builds spectacularly when her characters come together at long last, for dinner; each now married. With a delightful dash of taboo in the mix, this steamy literary tale will have you ready to take your clothes off, because things heat up quite nicely.