Call For Submissions

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Editor:  Rose Caraway
Publisher: Stupid Fish Productions
Submission Deadline:   May 1st, 2016
Publication Date: Approximately July 2016
Payment:  $50.00 USD for Non-Exclusive Rights

Stupid Fish Productions purchases accepted stories for $50 for inclusion in this anthology. Authors will retain the rights to their individual stories.

Authors will also receive: 1 E-book copy, 1 Audible download code of the audiobook upon publication. If the book goes to print, contributing authors will also receive 1 print copy.

“For The Men”

Men love a good story. They communicate in story. Ask any man near you and he’ll have a tale to tell, about that one time when…

This “For The Men” erotic collection is intended for the fellas and the women who have an appetite for something other than “Romance”. These stories are for a heterosexual audience, but might contain elements of bisexuality, gay or lesbian characters, or ‘other’.

I am seeking stories with purposeful plot and developed characters. ALL FIVE SENSES should be engaged. Writers should focus on capturing action and emotion, transition and transformation. Their stories should revolve around expected/unexpected intense sexual encounters. Story movement is key. The where and when of your story should include detailed elements of that specific environment and your character’s mind. Show both, action and reaction.

“Romance” isn’t the focal point. Characters should be affected and effective. Let them be strong, weak, smart, clumsy, egotistical or emotional. Play with power dynamics. Put your adventurous characters ‘anywhere’ or in ‘any time’ you want them, but remember that “happily ever after’s” aren’t required here. If “Romance” is a strong element in your story, show it. Give more than nuanced feeling descriptors. Show the behavior.

For inspiration, think:

Mad Men, Sopranos, Ex Machina, Avatar, Star Trek, The Anchorman, Pain & Gain, The Exorcist, The Shining, House of Cards, Rocky, The Wire, etc. You know, think adventure: crab fishermen, astronauts, professors, senators, aliens, gold miners, athletes, soldiers, drug dealing gangsters…you get the idea. All genres and ‘kinks’ are open.

Example Story Prompts:

  • A trucker finds the perfect road companions; damsels in distress. (multiple women)
  • Guaranteed pregnancy. A scientist develops the perfect fertility serum. (Seed for sale)
  • She entered the Harley Davidson bathing suit contest. What she won was more than a motorcycle. (vouyerism/lesbian) [Cliché is okay, if done well.]
  • A WWII soldier saves a new mother, but they have to stay out of sight for a few days and the nights are cold. (lactation)
  • He caught the smallest fish, but she promises not to tell if he agrees to ‘satisfy’ her boyfriend. (forced bi/glory hole/anonymity)
  • His boss just pulled into the driveway and, once again, he’s sneaking out of the wife’s upstairs window. (infidelity)
  • A senator needs her ego stroked. (power play)
  • A married couple goes camping and the couple in the next tent over are very friendly. (wife swap)
  • Astronauts discover a new, aggressive reptilian species. (alien breeding/world domination)

Rose Caraway will not accept stories featuring:

Scat-play or pedophilia.

How to Submit:

Early submission is strongly encouraged. Please send your submission to:

* Email:

* Subject Line: Submission

Please submit your work as follows:

  • Word document with your name in the heading of each page and all pages numbered. (.doc or RTF) Do not paste your story in the body of your email.
  • Use double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point, black font
  • Up to 4000 strict word count.
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph 1 inch
  • Do not add extra lines between paragraphs
  • Only submit the final version of your story (Beta Readers can be found at The Slush Pile)
  • Include your full contact information (legal name/pseudonym, web address, mailing address and phone number) and a bio of 100 words or less, written in the third person. Do not list your previous works, or any contact information in your bio, because that would be boring. Write something fun, about you.
    **If you are using a pseudonym, please make it clear which name you want to be credited as.

Please note that Publisher, (Stupid Fish Productions) has final right of refusal on all submissions. No simultaneous submissions. Please do not submit a story that is being considered elsewhere.

Authors will be notified of acceptance upon final approval of the manuscript from the publisher.

Tonight, She’s Yours: Cuckold Fantasies

Tonight She's Yours Final TOC
Ebook is Available NOW! 

I am so excited to introduce you to, “Tonight, She’s Yours”. A scorching collection of stories intended to turn you on while exploring and playing with the fantasy side of Cuckolding. Trust and jealousy, oftentimes compounded by varying levels of humiliation and/or vulnerability are juxtaposed elements that are featured in this book.

You know what? I say, lets start the new year off with a nice big bang! Seriously, if you’ve been looking for something that will take you beyond fantasy, seduce you with an eroticism that’s loaded just right, “Tonight, She’s Yours” is eager to oblige. These stories will stay with you. I cannot encourage you enough to go to Amazon and click-to-buy. Arrange a naked date with your husband/wife/partner, tonight! Send the kids to their grandparents house! Take off all your clothes–you won’t need them–and jump into the sack, because it is time for some good Aural. Pick any story to read aloud to your partner. Then, (*cough* if you are able) trade off…let them read to you.

I’ve put together a few anthologies now, and each one holds a special place in my heart. And, “Tonight, She’s Yours” is no exception. Inspired by The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast’s Lurid Listeners, I have come to realize that cuckolding stories are really fucking sexy. They land really, really well with me.

It truly is a special gift to have; the ability to create erotic scenes that pull both at the brain and the body, and these incredible 13 authors have so much more to offer. I encourage you–lovers and fans of Erotica, to get in touch with your favorite authors this year. Email them. Let them know which story you’ve read and tell them why you loved it. Or, if you are feeling exceptionally ‘satisfied’ please, leave us a review in Amazon.

On behalf of everyone involved in this book:

Thank You. And, as always, have fun!

Dahlia Lovejoy
Katya Harris
Chase Morgan
Lynn Lake
Salome Wilde
Tamsin Flowers
Zander Vyne
Emily Bingham
Erin Pim
Moxie Marcus
Cate Ellink
Charlie Powell
Abigail Saint Clair

XXX-mas Story by Rose Caraway

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Happy Holidays, Lurid Listeners!!

Today’s episode is in two parts. Last year I started this sexy little Christmas story, featuring the character, Jacob Marley from Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. Jacob Marley, incidentally is the only character in this story with an actual name. Which was a fun and new thing for me to do. Well, here we are at the end of 2015 and Jacon Marley’s story isn’t finished yet. It won’t be until the end of 2016, or, hell, maybe even 2017–maybe never! Hmwa ha ha ha ha haaa! Okay, sorry bout that, got a little caught up in my own deviousness.

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Tonight, She’s Yours: Cuckolding Fantasies anthology – Coming Soon! (ebook and audiobook)

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