*Laura Antoniou and “Aural Pleasure”

The Killer Wore Leather

I am so honored and excited to have author Laura Antoniou here today to talk about aural pleasure!

Laura is the author of the bestselling mystery novel, “The Killer Wore Leather”.

I have already had the privilege of reading this amazing novel and I am here to tell y’all, it is fabulous and you should get a copy!

When it comes to the leather scene, I am a novice. Not only is this book funny, but it was also quite informative. A tremendous amount of care and detail is offered up so that readers can easily slide right into the story. The moment I began this novel, I was swept into the leather world, jam-packed with lots of vivid detail and hilarious, real-world characters. From check-in to murder, from sleuthing for clues  to finding true love, the Grand Sterling Hotel is hopping with leather of every persuasion via non-stop entertainment.

 “The Killer Wore Leather” is a fascinating read, and I highly recommend it! Plus it is in the audiobook format; perfect for any commute.

Speaking of “audio”, this post by Laura Antoniou discusses just that. As a narrator I get to communicate with many of the authors I have worked with about their books going to audio.

Some love it, some fear it, some say hell no!

Well, my friends, here are some thoughts regarding audiobooks from the author of,

“The Killer Wore Leather” herself:  Laura Antoniou…

Laura Antoniou

*Aural Pleasure*

Hello, my name is Laura Antoniou, and I’m a book fetishist. I admit I am helpless before my addiction – as the shelves of books in every room of my house would attest. Paper bound and cloth and leather, even a few spiral bound oddities here and there, but ultimately, all on paper.

I came late to the e-book phenomenon, insisting that reading is done while holding a book while work is done via a screen and keyboard. This is the curse of writing; after sitting at that screen all day, the last thing I wanted, I swore, was to stare at another screen to be swept away. Plus – batteries! Recharging! Vanishing text, conflicting formats, who-owns-the-book-anyway legal issues (and pirating!) and a myriad of other luddite-tinged rants and excuses kept me from joining in the e-book revolution until quite late in the game.

And what I missed entirely were audio books.

Perhaps it’s because my pleasure in reading is just that – READING. It’s the words that enchant and hold my attention, not the sound of words. Occasionally entranced by an episode of This American Life, I’d let Ira Glass’s voice distract me while driving, sometimes so much I’d miss an exit or forget where I was, but otherwise, stories read to me would produce one reaction only.


I found this out on an airplane flight of all things, because I had a new laptop, and on it was one of the Harry Potter books, in audio format, some sort of bonus. I plugged in my headset – I love the Potter books! – and prepared to enjoy. I was asleep before Harry got to Diagon Alley.

Audio books – also not my thing. So, imagine my surprise when people started asking me for them. I at first thought they were a symptom of lazy readers, but the reasoning behind wanting a story read to you varied wildly. Gym workouts, long commutes, extensive business travel, dyslexia and other learning & reading challenges, poor vision (or no vision) and other situations were compelling. But I had no way of making audio books myself, and no way to sell them. And no one expressed an interest in making one of my books into audio format until two years ago, when Audible made an offer for The Marketplace, the first book in my now 20-year-old series of BDSM erotica novels. After checking in with my current paper and e-book publisher and contracts and negotiations plus a few months, I got a link to the e-book file and took a listen.

The mellifluous, well-modulated, seductive voice hired as the talent for that book swept me away. Were those MY words, read in that accent, with that sexy tone?

I LOVE AUDIO BOOKS. Clearly, this is the best thing for publishing since the development of rag paper. Why aren’t ALL my books in audio format?

When Cleis picked up my new kinky mystery, The Killer Wore Leather, they, like most canny publishers, also got their share of subsidiary rights, which include making audio books. And unlike The Marketplace, which waited almost 20 years to get read aloud by a seductive sounding Englishwoman, The Killer Wore Leather went right into audio production. So fast, in fact, I didn’t have a chance to try and sell myself as a reader. Curses! How could they not know I have been pining for a chance to read my own comedy murder mystery? Haven’t they been paying attention? I adore audio books! Clearly, I was made to read my own work.

It’s horrible when no one understands the creative force, isn’t it?

However, Audible once again came through and hired a perfectly good voice to read The Killer Wore Leather, and for the first time, I was contacted BY the professional reader, who asked useful and interesting questions, such as how to pronounce “Zodian” (rhymes with “odd”) and why certain characters had a lot of pauses in their speech patterns (she’s a stoner) and whether there were any regional accents.

About ten pages of notes from me later, and she was already halfway through the book, zooming along at a speed I am sure I could never have matched, even with my familiarity with the text. Sigh. Just because I’m a complete amateur doesn’t mean I can’t learn.

It’s very strange having books out there in multiple formats. I can’t just say, “go down to your local bookstore and get them!” because 1) What local bookstore? 2) Hello, dimwit author, I read your books on my smarter-than-you phone, I don’t need no bookstore! and of course, 3) What do people listen to audio books on, anyway? I have no idea.

Instead, when I Facebook and GoogleThing and Twit my heart out doing the social media thing we modern, connected, self-promoting authors are all supposed to do, I have to remember to rotate my links. Get the paperback on Monday! The e-book for the Kindle on Tuesday! Nook owners – grab one on Wednesday! Kobo? I don’t know what that is! Try Thursday. Audio books get Friday. Over the weekend, everyone gets to mix it up.

And the real magic does in fact happen with the Amazon/Audible hook-up. Through some mystical process known only to the alchemists and programmers they keep chained on the planet AmazonDotCom, when you READ one of these books on your Kindle – say, The Killer Wore Leather – and then you stop reading over lunch, and decide to listen to some of it on your ride home after work?

The audio version KNOWS WHERE YOU LEFT OFF.

And vice versa.

They call it Whispersynch. I call it black magic. I am sure someone, somewhere, is sacrificing computer mice over some altar of outdated e-readers to make this happen.

And I’m OK with that. Because ka-ching! The book gets another reader. My empire grows. Soon, I will have three audio books, and maybe four, and eventually I will read one, and then…I am sure I will see those Big Bucks they used to talk about back in the old days.

In the meantime, though, I’ll keep writing. Funny murder mysteries, sexy, kinky dramas, I’ll keep making the ur-text that will magically turn into these different formats so anyone can get my stories. But I draw the line at those new mind-reading devices. No one’s gonna jack into MY brain to “read” my stories. Get ’em the old fashioned way! On your PHONE.

Laura Antoniou is still figuring out why her phone knows things before she needs to know them. And she’s still writing stories. But she doesn’t listen to them. Find her on all the social media that was trendy two years ago.

Laura Antoniou

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