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Sexy Sailors: Gay Erotic Stories

We have a special guest Narrator today:

Drake Stone performing, “Home is the Sailor” written by, Emily Morton from the audio book,
Sexy Sailors: Gay Erotic Stories edited by Neil Plakcy, by Cleis Press.

Seamen: from mariners on huge yachts to competitive sailors in races like the America’s cup to recreational boaters, the combination of men and water is irresistible. Whether they’re wearing Speedos or slickers and handling megayachts or windsurfers, these guys can set sail right to our heart.

Neil Plakcy, the editor of Hard Hats, Surfer Boys, Skater Boys, The Handsome Prince and Model Mensailed the high seas and gazed through many a porthole looking for stories of navy men, yachtsmen, and even a pirate or two and the fun they get up to, on land and on sea. These naughty and nautical guys will turn you on with their large masts, from fresh-faced tan youths to the rich yachtie with silver flecks in his hair. Imagine watching those muscles work as they grind winches to set and control sails, steer from the helm, or tack a sailboard.


 Duali-Teaze is a story of acceptance. It’s a sci-fi (not heavy with space ships or monsters). It’s about a man who is tied up by the alien woman that he loves, and she has forbidden him to speak. In order to have her forever, he has to make the decision to accept her for what she is and somehow prove to her that he loves her unconditionally.

I’d like to thank the following musical artists:

Stewart Scarfe
Flex Vector
Chris Zabriskie
And the feature credit song, “Doing Time” by Garmisch

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