Eddie’s coming!!! Is your inbox big enough to handle him?

Tool: Eddie ‘The Auger’ Harley’s Misadventures in Porn” is almost ready to be delivered to all you beautiful “Lurid Listeners” who’ve left lovely reviews in iTunes, Amazon and Audible for any of my audio books.

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Eddie “The Auger” Harley realized early on in life that he was not a man of high intellect or numerous talents. In fact, if you asked him, he’d tell you that he had one purpose in life; to be the giver of pleasure, the bringer of ecstasy.

And nobody works harder to fulfill their calling than Eddie.

With a heart of gold, an unabashed love of the female orgasm, a never say die attitude and an unusually large cock, Eddie is determined to help his best friends, Francisco and Dickey wrestle away the fledgling porn company, “Lurid Productions” from Chuck and his jealous, vengeful wife, Gayle.

Follow Eddie as he anxiously awaits his turn in a ten man line suck, clumsily tries to keep his composure and balance on the roller-skating rink porn set and gets pushed to his very limits by the powerful “Tahitian Demoness” speed skater, Tamika. And much, much more!

If you’ve already purchased any of my audio books but haven’t left a sexy review in iTunes, Amazon or Audible yet, be sure to do so and then send me an email to; thekissmequicks@gmail.com so I can send you, “Tool: Eddie ‘The Auger’ Harley’s Misadventures in Porn” before it goes on the market.

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