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Crank   I have an unhealthy appetite for action thrillers. I love big explosions, gun fights, blood and guts, knock-down-drag-outs between muscle bound gladiators, cowboys, spies, Spartans and the occasional soldier.

I know they’re not for everyone, but I love action heroes. They get me all revved up. Especially when those muscle bound bad asses get some lovin’ when you least expect it… Just click on Chev Chelios over there on the right and you will see exactly what I am talking about…

When I got “The Hardest Thing” in my hot little hands, you can bet I got myself a bowl of popcorn and a cherry coke. I officially committed the deadly sin of “gluttony”. James Lear has written a story that had me forgetting about my popcorn. I have read several short M/M Erotic stories but reading a full-length novel was something I hadn’t ever done. I must admit, it turned me on. “The Hardest Thing” was such a nice change of pace for me personally, because I got to get inside the head of a character, quite frankly, who wanted sex and got it, without whining or crying about whether or not he should. Dan Stagg, the main character is an ex-Marine with skills, (hubba hubba!) and instead of protecting a sexy blonde woman with a cute ass, his job is to protect a sexy blonde man with a cute ass. And Dan Stagg does more than just protect that cute blonde’s ass, by the way. There is as much exciting story as there is hardcore sex, you don’t have to wait before things get hot and heavy!

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I am so excited to have James Lear, the author of, “The Hardest Thing” here today to give some of his thoughts in writing this book and the challenge with full length erotic novels…

The Hardest Thing by James Lear     “I don’t pay much attention to negative reviews on Amazon, but those I do condescend to read fall into two camps. ‘A good thriller spoiled by too much sex’, or ‘a good erotic novel spoiled by too much plot’. Writing full-length erotic fiction is a bit of a tightrope act, and I think after doing seven of the things I’ve just about got the balance right. There’s enough sex to give you two good wanks per chapter (just one for the over-forties), and enough plot to keep you reading while you recover.

The main purpose of these books is to turn the reader on, but I always try to deliver the same literary quality that I’d bring to anything I write. There’s no point in doing a novel if you’re not going to have a proper plot, no matter how improper the action. The trick is to integrate the sex into the plot, to make it move the story along rather than just interrupting the narrative while the protagonists get it on. That’s why thrillers are such a good vehicle for erotica: the hero is always having charged encounters with people, there’s danger and excitement and the potential for violence. In The Back Passage, the first of my homages to 1920s Agatha Christie, the detective hero Mitch Mitchell used sex as a way of extracting information from people. Poirot interviews suspects: Mitch fucks them. The results are similar, however different the methods.

My new novel, The Hardest Thing, is a gay take on the Lee Child/Jack Reacher genre of butch thrillers – I always thought those books were very horny, so it didn’t take much to tip them over into Lear territory. I’ve tried to make it a bit more realistic, as it’s a contemporary setting – but even so, there’s plenty of sex in every chapter. I suppose what I was really trying to create is a novel that’s equally at home in the thrillers rack of your local supermarket, or the erotica section of a bookshop. Thrillers have always had lots of sex in them – think of James Bond. Mine might be more explicit, but it’s all part of the exploration of the hero’s character. He’s a conflicted ex-marine who got thrown out in the last days of DADT, and he’s still half in the closet. All his sexual relations in The Hardest Thing help him to understand who he is and where he fits in the civilian world. Also, hopefully, they give the reader a helping hand where it might be needed. It’s all part of the Lear service.”

JAMES LEAR is the nom de plume of a prolific and acclaimed novelist. As James Lear, he is the author of The Back PassageThe Secret TunnelHot ValleyThe Low Road, and The Palace of Varieties. He lives in London.


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