“Soundscapes” by Jade A. Waters


Hey Lurid Listeners! It is my pleasure and great honor to present “Soundscapes“, written by the lovely Jade A. Waters today on The Kiss Me Quick’s podcast. “Soundscapes” is an erotica tale that takes place at an unusual dance club where a dramatically costumed vaudevillian crowd is brought together by a different kind of musical instrument. Join Nora as she follows deejay Kelly’s lead through the crowds of exotic gyrating dancers and up to the soundscape floor where Nora will soon find herself surrounded by like-minded exhibitionists, all waiting to experience their erotic stimulation as one…

The music Big Daddy found is spectacular and we hope you’ll enjoy this KMQ episode and go visit the wonderfully creative, special musical guest, Roulete. 

I would like to thank the following musical artists that also contributed to this KMQ episode:

Sir Sway – The feature credit song is a remix of
Lavern Baker’s: “Love Me Right In the Morning
The After Hours Quintet
Egg Nebula

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