The Eager Beaver Goes Off-Grid

a.baa-Cute-BeaverYou know… to me an ‘eager beaver’ will always have a dirty connotation to it rather than an industrious one. Context really can’t change my mind. I mean, come on; “Nothing eats wood better than an eager beaver”…

Alright, alright… that’s enough of that. Today, rather than focusing on how I am going to rock my work day, instead of heading into my recording booth to narrate an audiobook or a story for my “Kiss Me Quick’s” erotica podcast, I’m taking a moment and reveling in my own real story, and am suddenly inspired to grab my notebook and pen, yet another bag of sunflower seeds and head outdoors to write about it in the sunshine.

One of my biggest dreams is about to come true in a matter of two short months. My very first anthology will be in print this September: “The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica”, published by Cleis Press. When I think about this September I get a little misty because my happiness isn’t light. It’s heavy, man. Real heavy. It has been quite an adventure in getting to where I am right now. For my husband too! And it really hit home just the other day after interviewing D.L. King. An author/editor whom I’ve had to admire from afar—until recently as I sat in my recording studio, waiting for my husband/producer to dial her up on Skype. In addition to my KMQ podcast I also have “The Sexy Librarian’s Blog-cast” which features either me rambling in studio all by myself or along with my husband—Dayv Caraway, about projects I’m working on. Sometimes, I get to talk to other erotica authors and community leaders like, Zander Vyne, Allen Dusk, Lucy Malone, Rachel Kramer Bussel (who actually took the time to visit with me, in-studio), including Sinclair Sexsmith, the amazing D.L. King, and coming up next on my interview list is journalist Jon Pressick from CIUT’s, Sex City Radio—who first interviewed me back in 2013! My head is spinning!

Sexy Librarian's Blog-CastThe interview with D.L. King went beautifully! We hit things off as though we’d talked many times before. We discussed all kinds of kinky D/s stuff, including her award winning “Under Her Thumb”, and her latest anthology—which I wrote the foreword to titled; “Slave Girls”. After about an hour we arranged an exciting giveaway, said our goodbyes, hung up, and… I was speechless. Because it hit me. It hit me hard, right in the numbers—BOOM! These past few years returned like a storm; my writing, narrating, interviewing, promoting, the sleepless nights, my taking a chance and reaching out and emailing the people who had seemed so untouchable, were now… my peers and many are quickly becoming very good friends! This was a staggering realization for me. And, like a big dork, I can’t stop grinning about it.

Right now my calendar is so jam-packed I’m nearly hysterical with joy. I’ve just finished narrating Allen Dusk’s: Diverse Desires, a hauntingly dark erotic-horror anthology and am just about to wrap up Shanna Germain’s: Bound by Lust, then I will be moving straight on to narrating my: The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica, Rachel Kramer Bussel’s: The Big Book of Submission, D.L. King’s: The Big Book of Domination, Alison Tyler’s: Nine-To-Five Fantasies and then Shanna Germain’s: As Kinky as You Wanna Be.

I’ve also got a call for submissions out for, “Rose Caraway’s Dirty Thirty Vol. 1Rose Caraway's Dirty Thirty Vol. 1which is dead-lining on this July thirtieth. This particular project is very special and a major step for mine and my husband’s production company, Stupid Fish Productions, in that this isn’t a regular call for short stories to be published into a print or e-Book collection. This call is instead for an audiobook anthology. I am very excited with the stories so far and the delicious A-list names accompanying them. I can tell you that some of the authors featured in “The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica” are jumping on this call!

With my free erotica podcast, “The Kiss Me Quick’s” I have found an amazingly supportive audience that my husband and I will forever owe our undying gratitude to; the wonderful Lurid Listeners around the world. These are the people I have personally written and narrated stories to on a regular basis for the last few years. The busy people who are on the move with audio as their entertainment medium, and it’s my goal and privilege to create an audiobook with them specifically in mind.

The Kiss Me Quick's PodcastThere are many, many irons in the fire right now and I am absolutely giddy over it. But I have to keep my Lurid Listeners satiated and so, in addition to presenting a short story written by the lovely, Jade A. Waters on the KMQ podcast, I’ve also got Rachel Kramer Bussel, Donna George Storey, Raziel Moore and Tamsin Flowers all lined up with amazing stories! Plus a couple of my own mixed into the bunch.
The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica picThis September not only marks my 38th birthday, but “The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica” is going on tour and this is my opportunity to meet Lurid Listeners! The official Release Party is September 4th at Good Vibrations on Polk Street in San Francisco, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm! I would love to blow the doors off the joint! So, come out, listen to some sexy stories, say hi!, get your book signed, maybe visit the Antique Vibrator Museum and be inspired to treat yourself or partner to a new toy or two while your there…

I have several more tour dates scheduled on my calendar, with more to come and I will announce all upcoming tour dates on the K.M.Q. and S.L. podcasts. Many of the contributing authors in this anthology are going to attend and read alongside me! Including a very special reading date with my dear friend Rachel Kramer Bussel who will be joining me on September 15th at The Booksmith in San Francisco.

I am also scheduled to fly from California to Virginia September 18th, where I am going to spend a few days at my very first Writer’s Retreat. I cannot wait to be able to dedicate time to nothing other than writing my erotic horror novel, “WOLF”. I am particularly excited about this trip because I also get to Virginiameet up with the amazing Kristina Wright and Lynn Townsend for a “The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica” book signing at The Fountainhead Bookstore in Richmond, Virginia and then, later the lovely Lynn has devilishly promised to introduce me to the game, Cards Against Humanity along with a glass of wine—or two. I am also delighted to get to hang out and talk nothing but writing with a bunch of other authors, including fellow erotica podcaster/writer Nobilis Reed.

But that isn’t all—oh no. This October I’ll be hanging out with KD Grace at her blog, “Things that go Hump in the Night” where many other authors are gathering to celebrate all things paranormal, scary and otherwise deliciously sinful in erotica. I plan to post a snippet from my erotic horror novel, “WOLF” and then discuss some of the characters there…. plus! I will be sending out a second call for submissions for another anthology I am doing titled, Libidinous Zombie and Other Scary Erotic Tales. This anthology will be published in audio and maybe in e-Book format. I haven’t decided yet. And then, in late November there are whispers of my giving a talk at a Mensa gathering in Monterey, CA…

Well, whether I’m an ‘eager beaver’ or a ‘busy bee’, the point is-I am working my booty off and am going to make myself scarce for a bit. So, let me get back to scheduling author interviews, writing sexy stories (I have one I’m thinking Lucy Malone should narrate for me), narrating sexy, sexy stories–oh! and I need to get a camping trip in there too!


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