“Rose Caraway’s Dirty Thirty Vol. 1” Submission’s closed.

Rose Caraway's Dirty Thirty Vol. 1

Nothing like finishing my own story for this call in the nick of time! What a month, huh? Wow. You know, there are so many things going on at my desk and in my recording studio right now, I felt it necessary to take a quick moment to say a quick ‘Thank You’.

Thank you, to all the authors who have sent in their submissions for this audio-book anthology. I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest. I knew there would be several authors with whom I have worked closely, that would be on board with this irregular call, but apparently there were a few more than that!

My first call for The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica sent me to the office supply store for copy paper more times than I thought possible, and this time I anticipated submissions kind of coming in sporadically, you know, slow at first and then piling up toward the end of the deadline. Well, while I didn’t get quite as many submissions for The Dirty Thirty, I will say that it was damned close! Goodness!

So, between narrating, writing, interviewing and going on book tour… my happy little ‘eager beaver’ self is going to take a stack of stories to the bath tonight and begin my favorite part of putting an anthology together. I am finally getting to dive into these stories and start building. I can already tell that this is going to be an exciting but difficult task. When it comes to the final decision I am going to first and foremost consider The Kiss Me Quick’s Lurid Listeners.

If you are an author who sent in your wonderful short story, I am hoping to have the final dirty 30 selected and made official with notifications of acceptance or otherwise made via email by the end of this month.

Alright everyone, I’m goin’ in! Woo!


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