Who wants some Sommer snog? I know, you do.

Hello Everyone! As you may have heard recently on The Kiss Me Quick’s and The Sexy Librarian’s Blog-cast, myself and many, Summer Lovingmany others have come together to help raise money for one of our own. Sommer Marsden is one hell of a talented writer, an icon for many, and her family could use some help–right now. Many of us know what it’s like when cancer strikes. We know that it isn’t only a single person trying to survive the disease. Everyone around us is affected by the sudden blow.  And, unfortunately, for many it isn’t just the disease that the family is soon facing. For many of us, the lack of finances can be just as challenging, aggravating. Please, if you have a moment to spare, every single little bit helps. If you haven’t picked up this anthology, please do. This collection is available in Amazon and 100% of the money goes directly to Sommer’s Family.
Today, to help with our cause I’ve got Lynn Townsend visiting. Here are a few words from her…

Lynn Townsend

Hey Rose, thanks so much for having me here, I appreciate it. 

I’m participating in the Snogs for Sommer fund-raising drive and blog hop, and as a fan of both Sommer’s work and my own, I thought I’d give you – and your lurid listeners – a head’s up.

In support of Sommer Marsden, who’s one of my personal erotica writing heroes – check out here <http://paidbytheweird.blogspot.com/2011/08/whats-your-name-little-girl.html> where I wrote about my first interaction with Sommer… (I didn’t name names at the time, because I didn’t want to be that weird, freaky, stalker girl. These days, I’m perfectly cool with being an avid Sommer Stalker… join the club, we’ll get jackets.
Anyway, Sommer is a dear friend and you can read all about the Snog hop and what we hope to do for Sommer….

roll (1)I’m currently working on the third book of the Rainbow Connections series (Blues, book two, will be published in late March, 2015, which seems just about forever and a day away, doesn’t it?) so I decided that I’d give out a little snippet of Blues for my fans to read while we raised support for Sommer, and what better to do as a give away, but to let people have a chance to read Blues early?

So, come on over to my blog <http://paidbytheweird.blogspot.com/2014/09/sommer-time-blues.html> and read the current kiss… and enter for a chance to win an Advanced Reader Copy of Blues.

In the meanwhile, here’s a little kiss from Roll, book one.
* * * *

“I thought I heard you get up,” Vin said, sliding up behind him and wrapping warm arms around Beau’s stomach. “Hungry?”

Beau suppressed the urge to leap out of his own skin.

“Don’t you people believe in leftovers?” Beau gestured at the industrial-sized appliance in annoyance, trying to calm his heart. He was certain that Vin could feel his heart throbbing erratically in his chest and not entirely certain what emotion it could be attributed to. Was he startled, guilty, or just excited to be up, in the dark of night, with a handsome man’s arms around him?

Vin dropped a kiss lightly on Beau’s shoulder, eliciting shivers. Beau let the door to the fridge slip shut and turned in Vin’s embrace.

“Camilla takes it over to the homeless shelter, after dinner,” Vin explained. “We always have more than we need.”

Great. Add a heaping helping of feeling greedy to his already full plate of less than pleasant emotions. “You’ve missed out, babe,” he said, “if you’ve never raided the fridge for a leftover turkey sandwich.”

“I’m not missing out right now,” Vin said. He nipped at Beau’s ear. All of their own accord, Beau’s arms went around his boyfriend, pulling him closer. Vin backed him up, braced against the cool steel of the fridge and gently, slowly, traced a line of kisses from Beau’s ear to the corner of his mouth. The faint rasp of Vin’s stubble against his upper lip drove Beau crazy.

Two thin layers — Beau’s sweatpants and Vin’s silk pajamas — weren’t nearly enough to disguise the feel of Vin’s erection pressed firmly against Beau’s thigh. Beau slid his hands down Vin’s naked back, relishing the satin flesh under his fingertips. Vin continued to tease Beau’s mouth, delicate licks and nuzzles that didn’t come close to slaking the growing need.

“Oh, would you kiss me already, for Christ’s sake?” Beau demanded, grabbing a handful of Vin’s unruly hair and pulling his mouth down.

Beau’s stomach let out a gurgling complaint.

“How about I get you some pie before you wake up the house,” Vin said, laughing. “I know where Camilla keeps her stash.”

Beau warred with his two hungers. “Kiss, first,” he said.

“Now there’s a deal.”

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