John Updike Made Me Do It – Donna George Storey

Alright Lurid Listeners! Next up on The Kiss Me Quick’s erotica podcast I have the honor of bringing you one hell of a hot story written by the lovely literary writer, Donna George Storey. Her story is titled, John Updike Made Me Do It. In this story we follow a married woman who is asking her husband some interesting questions regarding who he’d sleep with, and who she would sleep with. She’s got John Updike on the brain and can’t resist her own desire for some partner swapping. Head on up to the cabin to meet a few new friends get a little skiing in and then maybe stick around for a few other things while your there…

Donna has been on the KMQ show before with her flash fiction story “Book Lover” taken from  Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s, Big Book of Orgasms. If, after the show you want to find more stories by Donna George Storey, please visit her Author’s Page in Amazon. I promise, you will find all sorts of delicious erotica just waiting for you…

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