Rose Caraway’s Dirty 30

Dirty Thirty Redo 3

You just know when you’ve found the right cover.

This image is “the one”.  I love the fact that I don’t see the woman’s face. I want to know what’s gotten her this excited. And that pillow? I know exactly what is happening beneath it, but it’s un-asked for reality isn’t slapping me in the face like a wet noodle. Plus, I really love that she’s got clothes on and that her breasts aren’t exploding from her bra-cups. While we don’t know the source of her pleasure, we recognize it and feel a kinship to her lust, it draws us in. I am bored with naked chicks selling to me. Nudity isn’t what this Dirty 30 audiobook is about. Dirty 30 is about feeling desire. True aural pleasure. And let’s be honest; who doesn’t like to be transported–seduced by an exhilarating erotic tale?

I am so glad I found this woman, and she is, too. She was just waiting there, in that luscious chair of hers…

Erotica has this uncanny ability to bring us intimate, empowering experiences. I love sharing it with so many. Passion is truly ours–yours and mine–for the taking.

It belongs to us.

Your Favorite Podcaster-Narrator-Writer-Sexy Librarian,


Rose Caraway

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