When We “Come Together”

Among the StarsBig things can happen when people come together for a cause. Especially if we have a good time while doing so. I have enjoyed making contributions for various charities for a long time. I learned early on that making someone else feel good, makes me feel good. Jade A. Waters and Malin James have joined me in signing a copy of this book, in hopes to offer it as a giveaway while we spread the word about the charity it was created for. Thank you so much, ladies for going along with this silly idea. I know how challenging it can be to coordinate. Lynn Townsend, thank you for your editing skills and… Look. At. That. It’s here!! Well done, darlin’.

The earliest cause in which I participated was a “Rock-a-thon” to help support the local SPCA. There were about twenty of us who hit the sidewalks seeking sponsors (hourly or flat-rate) from our neighbors. What is a “Rock-a-Thon” you ask? Well, we dusted off our grandmother’s rocking chairs, and, basically we rocked. All night long. (You are welcome for that ear-worm) A couple of parents kept track of who rocked and who didn’t. We had to rock, constantly. If we got up to use the facilities someone had to keep our chair rocking until we returned. Hey man, don’t laugh. It was way cool. We ate entirely too much popcorn, candy, pizza, soda–the hall echoed with squeals and burps. The VCR steadily swallowed and then spit out video after video until the following morning. Admittedly, most of the girls ended up crashing once their sugar comas kicked in, but a few of us rocked on–steady as you please. It was fun. Something I’d never done before. I thrived on the fun aspect of raising money for a cause.

"Put a bird on it!"

“Put a bird on it!”

I truly believe that if you can, you should. When you can.

Lynn Townsend’s erotic/sci-fi antho: Coming Together: Among The Stars features twenty authors coming together to try and both raise awareness and hopefully some money for The International Still’s Disease Foundation, inc. in a unique and fun/sexy way. Does it get better than that?Once we sell enough books to cover the cost of the artwork and production of this anthology, all additional funds that roll in will go directly into the foundation. That’s pretty cool.

I am asking anyone who can to join Jade A. Waters, Malin James, myself and the rest of the writers who want to help make a difference in someone’s life. Please, if you have a free moment head over to Amazon and purchase a copy of our book. Every single sale counts, and we can’t do this without your help. Plus, you will have yourself an entire collection of sexy sci-fi stories. You know, Valentine’s Day is coming…

Thank you!

Rose Caraway

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