POW! It’s a tasty library of dreamy UK autographs!

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You know you want this autographed collection! When last you heard, our big Sexy Library was flying across The Atlantic, bound for the United Kingdom. Well, she’s landed smoothly, folks, making herself right at home over there. THREE more fabulous autographs have been acquired! Can you believe it? I still can’t. I am ridiculously giddy over this!

KD Grace Head Shot As someone who LOVES to gift books, I am finding it harder and harder to keep my word on this one, lol! With each and every picture that shows up in my inbox, my fingers get really, really itchy. As of right now, there are 14 autographs in this copy of The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica. With only TWO more stops to make!

Tamsin Flowers headshot

Our UK tour officially began with the lovely Katya Harris over in Kent who wrote; The Whole of Me. Love the bling, Katya! ‘Happy Reading’, indeed. Next, our sexy pages had a sticky, succulent snack in Surrey with my fellow fruit-loving friend, KD Grace who wrote the delicious; Cherries in Season. That smile, the juicy fruit, the KD!!! And, just the other day our collection landed with a POW! and got nice and cozy in London with author Tamsin Flowers who wrote; POW! It’s Shibari Girl!. Thanks for sharing the love, Tamsin. Ooo! By the way, you’ve seen it here, fans. It’s Tamsin’s thumb and forefinger! Okay, it’s just the tips–how naughty is that?! You know, sometimes, just the tips are all we need…

FYI: There are only 2 autographs to go and then this sexy tour will come to an end. When this book gets back to me, here in the states, I will host the biggest drawing I have ever done. So, if you want to enter this drawing, let me know. I will hand-pull a name from my jar and announce the winner! Don’t forget to include your contact information so I can let you know if you’ve won. I will announce the winner on this website, over at my Facebook page and on my Twitter feed. So Friend, Follow or Subscribe.

If you want to win this very special AUTOGRAPHED COPY of The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica, please do let me know in the comments below! Or for a more private entry, just email me at:(thekissmequicks(at)gmail(dot)com). Of course, I am available through Facebook and Twitter too.

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