Remittance Girl

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It is hardly believable, even a day after our conversation I cannot believe that I had an actual conversation with Remittance Girl. For several years I’ve been reading her essays, getting sucked into her erotica, and listening to her tell me stories over at her podcast. Our conversation was schedule for 6pm PST, which for her was morning; she lives somewhere in Southeast Asia. I couldn’t eat a bite of food after breakfast. Couldn’t think about anything else other than I was going to speak with Remittance Girl and I hoped nerves didn’t fail me when I dialed her up on Skype.

I walked, legs heavy with fresh poured lead into my recording studio and Big Daddy dialed her up. She answered. All I could say was “Hi.” Or, maybe it was “Hey.”, I can’t remember. The voice that came over the other side of the world was one that immediately washed over my skin and I felt as though I was transported to a couch. That the two of us were sharing coffee and the conversation just…went.

I found myself taking on the role of audience, I just listened. i was the student and she was the teacher. Our conversation lasted a little over two hours, and if Big Daddy hadn’t flagged me down to let me know that we had to leave–right now–to make it to our Jujitsu class, I could have stayed in that studio listening.

There are many more questions that I want to ask Remittance Girl, so many that my skin feels electric. I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone as self-aware and thoughtful as Remittance Girl. As I said above, our conversation went on for a couple of hours, so I invite you to get comfortable. Let her words sink in. You may have to listen to this episode in two parts, but I really believe that this conversation is one that you will want to go back and listen to again.

Thank you, so very much, Remittance Girl, for spending time with me. It truly was an honor.

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