The Doll by Jade A. Waters

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Here we go, Lurid Listeners! I’ve got another sexy episode coming your way, titled: The Doll from The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30 Vol.1 written by the lovely Jade A. Waters, who was also just here a couple of days ago for another round of Inside The Erotica Author’s Studio. Jade is an amazing writer of prose and poetry and, seriously, a bunch of other talents. Just listen to her interview, you’ll find out exactly what I am talking about!

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If the name Jade A. Waters sounds familiar, that’s because her wonderful work has been featured on the KMQ before! Her story; Soundscapes was a total hit and we’ve even featured her poetry when Big Daddy-Dayv Caraway read Owned on the Red Hot Zombie Cock (Tamsin Flowers) episode. When your done with today’s sexy episode, stick around, listen to more fabulous story by this incredible writer!


Red Hot Zombie Cock

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