Listen to Your Gut

Sometime before 2011, my husband was on the phone with someone. He stood in the garage, Sharpie in hand, doodling.  At some point during the conversation he wrote these words on his workbench: I Hate My Job. He doesn’t even remember doing it.

By trade, he was a commercial electrician. He loved the work that he did–had pride in his workmanship, but he experienced a real anguish in having a job that wasn’t fulfilling. When the economy took its dump all over us, we were faced with a decision. Search for another thankless job, or work for ourselves?
We were facing very bleak times.

I know, its Sunday, all you want to see today are cute kitty vid’s, well, I wanted to contribute to your soul in another way. Kitty’s are cute, but I’d rather be in your gut talking to you on a level that maybe you aren’t accustomed to listening.

On this Sunday, take a moment and acknowledge that your life’s journey belongs to you. If you hate your job, make a change. Let your family know. Talk to them. Tell them your dreams. They will understand. Imagine how you would feel if someone in your family actively followed their dreams–to be more than a nameless cog in the works… You would love it. So will your family.

When Dayv walked into the kitchen the other day and told me that he found this old inscription, I felt like sobbing. Not from sorrow, but from relief. Please, listen to your gut. You were meant to do more in this life. My husband and I could have gotten other jobs, but the truth is, we wouldn’t be happier. Deep in our guts we knew that we couldn’t jump back onto that miserable machine.

Please understand, I’m not saying it will be easy, in fact I can say from experience it will likely be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. But if you want to be a creator of some kind, do it. Just do it. That’s the only way to get there from here. Don’t worry about whether or not people like you. Don’t worry about how your work compares to other’s. Just do what you need to do to be who you want to be. If you ruffle someone’s feathers, so what. Don’t be a dick, but don’t worry about making everyone else happy. Worry about you and your family. You have more fortitude than you think. If you have kids, let them see how hard you are working. Show them the importance of digging deep within themselves. Prove that they can do the same when they become adults. Contributing to society in a way that pleases them.

Dayv and I strive to encourage folks all the time. Some are ready, some aren’t. Some clam-up because they can’t possibly understand what it would be like to step outside their cage. I get it. Its a lot of pressure to suddenly accept. I also understand that some people are meant to work within the confines of someone else’s criteria. I’m not talking to them. I am talking to you. The individual who knows, deep down inside that they were meant for something more. The person who “hates their job”. Everyone who has ever worked for anyone else has thought this thought, but the person who writes those words down…I think that means your subconscious is trying to get through to you. Something is trying to get your attention. Listen to your gut, especially when it speaks so fucking plainly.
If it’s in you to do it… Then Do It!

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