Salome Wilde Inside the Erotica Author’s Studio

Let me start by listing a few things:Godzilla

A Pearl Necklace
A Dildo
A Reincarnated Vibrator
G.I. Joe
A Little Green Army Man
A Kitchen
Little Red Demons

A Mason Jar
…and Philip Marlowe

You know, I wouldn’t mind becoming microscopically shrunken down, just so that I could crawl deep into Salome Wilde’s lovely ear hole. I’d also need an abundant supply of microscopically sized popcorn to bring along because I would love to spend some time hanging out inside of Salome’s beautiful head just to watch the film-reel that is her creative mind. To be present during the moment when she sees something and decides to make it erotic. You know, now that I’m thinking about it, I also wouldn’t mind being the object that she would write about. Just to find out what she would do to me–or make me do to something else. Roses smell wonderfully…their soft and thorny…
All kidding aside, I invite you to have a listen to our conversation as we discuss what I consider to be her brilliance.

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