“Feral” by Rose Caraway

“The Taiga; deep within the cold, isolate Russian wilderness. Where desperation can feed our fears of wanting something that we know is bad for us.

Paranormal Erotica provides a place in our imaginations, where nearly anything is possible. I enjoy Shifters. A lot. They’re those fantastical, unstoppable characters who take on the form of incredible beasts, and give us that added layer of desire and sex appeal. They are more powerful, resilient and extreme than we are…

Audiobooks Available NOW!

Audio cover after Audible changed it 2 Libidinous Zombie: An Erotic Horror Collection

Safely indulge your darker cravings with an audiobook that is erotic, horrifying, cunning, edgy, seductive, violent, fiendish, indecent and unfair. Oh! And, it’s super sexy.



Tonight She's Yours Audio cover 2 (1) Tonight, She’s yours: Cuckold Fantasies 

Cuckolding is deeply layered. From privately whispered scenes between a hotwife and her cuck, to a wide range of humiliation play, requiring the adept skills of a big, beautiful, bull…or three.


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