“Zombie” by Rose Caraway

Zombie SF
poster-return-of-the-living-deadMy first exposure to zombies was back in the mid 1980’s. Somewhere between 9
and 11 years old I watched, what I still consider my favorite zombie movie of all time, the genre-bending; Return of The Living Dead. My favorite character? Trash. My favorite scene? When Trash is in the cemetery with her punk friends, talking about what she imagines would be the most horrible way to die: Being eaten alive by a bunch of old men. Not only did I love her sexy leg warmers and strange prosthetic groin, but Trash’s fear of being eaten alive by people is something that has stuck with me to this day. I’d also watched countless National Geographic episodes and understood that nature wasn’t civilized or forgiving, that things were indeed eaten alive.

Nightmares and daydreams ran rampant within my creative and fearful brain. I often imagined what would happen to me if the people that I’d loved and trusted would maybe, one day, turn their fevered eyes and gnashing teeth upon my skin…

Nowadays, zombie stories are filling the shelves. They’ve become a mainstream cultural phenomenon. Seriously, Walking Dead writers, if Daryl dies we will revolt.

A couple of years ago, I came across a new sub-genre within Erotica. Zombie-Erotica. My brain screeched to a halt. Up until then, I hadn’t thought of zombies as lustful beings for anything other than brains or flesh—strictly as sustenance.

Trash Gif
Ultimately, I couldn’t bring myself to write about a zombie with a sex-drive, as some of my favorite Erotica authors have done. I kept going back to the Return of the Living Dead movie. Why had I loved that ridiculous film so much? Because it had humor, terror, and nudity—all in one. That is the story I wanted to write. But for kicks and giggles, I did come up with a zombie that does sport an erection.

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