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I was thrilled to get a story accepted into Rachel Kramer Bussel’s; Best Women’s Erotica of the year Vol. 1. But my excitement really blossomed when I read the book and understood just who I was sharing pages with–an incredible, diverse group of female writers–from seemingly all walks of life.

BWEBack in January, I had the pleasure of connecting with several of those women. It was wonderful to visit again with Rachel Kramer Bussel, Jade A. Waters, and Amy Butcher, but I hadn’t yet met Dorothy Freed. When we were introduced, something happened. I felt a shift in gravity. I felt…a connection. This woman’s strength put my own to shame. At that time Dorothy had, just days before the event, suffered from several strokes, and against doctor’s advice she still showed up to celebrate the release of Best Women’s Erotica of the year. She had to be there. Her husband/’Sir’ attended as well, and when Dayv Caraway and I sat down and chatted with them both, I think I had an out of body experience. Or, at least, I think I saw a small glimpse of my future, if I’m lucky enough.

Dorothy Freed stands at not-quite 5 feet tall and she is 71 years old. She’s tougher than nails and is as hospitable and classy as can be. She is a submissive who knows what she wants, and when it comes to her incredible writing, she pulls from actual events from her past. (In Best Women’s Erotica, her story; ‘Two Doms for Dinner’ is based on true events.) I asked Dorothy about herself and as she spoke, I knew that her voice, her words, her STORY had to be heard by more than just me. So, I got in touch and asked if I could interview her for the show. You guys know me, I love to hear people’s stories, I hunger to listen to other’s experiences and learn. Let me tell you, this woman has stories. Real stories. LOTS of them.

Dorothy Freed is a woman who loaded her kids and luggage into the family car, Rose and Dorothyleft her first husband wearing a cup of coffee, and headed for the West Coast in search of a happier, more satisfying life, oh!–and the perfect orgasm. She participated in San Francisco’s S& M scene, marched beside an actual suffragette and eventually placed an add in The Guardian newspaper that would lead her to her soulmate, Lee. They are still married today. Dorothy Freed took action and found happiness, and I simply cannot describe how inspiring and impactful that should be to us, today in 2016.

Thank you, Dorothy and Lee. You two are an inspiration. Can’t wait for our next visit!

Much Love and Respect,

Rose and Dayv Caraway

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  1. Carl M Vigil

    You are so right about Dorothy. She is a font of positive, sexual energy, which emanates from her flashing eyes and sexy demeanor.

  2. She certainly is. Thank you, so much for listening.

  3. Ms. Freed is a sassy senior citizen with a zest for life I envy – a superb interview.

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