Dalia’s Toy by Corrine A. Silver

daliahs-toy_corrine-silver“Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica” edited by, Rachel Kramer Bussel, is now available in audiobook format! To celebrate, we’ve been offering up a few stories from the Come Again anthology, and even completed one of the biggest, sexiest giveaways ever! Congratulations to all those who won autographed copies of the book, and all the audiobook winners too! We are now wrapping up this celebratory audiobook release with one more, super sexy story from the Come Again collection, just for you Lurid Listeners!

Today’s story is by lovely, Corrine A. Silver titled, “Dalia’s Toy”.

Eric is hosting poker night for his buds, while his wife, Dalia is out having drinks with her girlfriends. Later, Dalia calls Eric after she’s had a few drinks, to announce—much to Eric’s surprise, that she’s going to a sex toy store that’s just around the corner. Eric can’t stop thinking about what kind of sex toys his not-so-sexually adventurous wife plans to buy. When his tipsy wife returns home with a bag of sex toys, Eric quickly becomes Dalia’s toy…

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