The Hitchhiker by Rachel de Vine

Today’s KMQ episode is titled; The Hitchhiker and it is written by FOR THE MEN contributing author, Rachel de Vine.

We are busy. Always on the go. Heading off to somewhere…KMQ listeners are either on the treadmill, running errands, lugging groceries, hauling kids around…we’re on the job, or out in the field while listening to the show. Some of my most entertaining voicemails (and emails) have come from those dedicated listeners who are on the road a little longer than the rest of us.

Truck Drivers.

Those weariless men and women who brave The Big Slab, day after day, keeping an ever vigilant eye on those pesky four wheelers. Truckers are the ones making the long hauls of supplies and products that we consumers take for granted. But, the KMQ is there, keeping our steadfast Truckers properly ‘revved up’ for that special return trip home.

I dedicate today’s episode to all of our wonderful Truck Drivers, and of course to our Commuters, and our all-important Errand Runners who are out on the highways and byways, every single day getting things done. Be safe, we love you, and kisses to each and every one.


Rachel de Vine writes erotic romances because she likes to think she is an erotic, romantic woman.  When not writing she adores foreign travel to exotic places and is as excited to be on the plateau of Tibet as the deserts of Namibia, and hopes she always will.  She likes vibrant colors, the beautiful British landscape, intelligent people, good food, good music, sunsets and good friends and family.  She considers herself to be so lucky to be born when and where she was, with the freedoms that previous generations yearned for, and she hopes she never takes it for granted.


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