Breasted by Landon Dixon

Today’s KMQ episode is titled; Breasted and it is written by FOR THE MEN contributing author, Landon Dixon.

You know, one of the things that still surprises me as an editor, is writers’ abilities to step outside of the usual, the ordinary, to make readers laugh—while turning them on of course. I truly enjoy all the genres of storytelling. From the horrific to the romantic, and all for special, individual reasons. There are a decent handful of very well-crafted literary stories featured in, For The Men And The Women Who Love Them: 25 Bold Sex Stories and today’s story is going to bring us a little Literary Levity—you know, put a little smile on your face while turning you on…

When writers have fun with their creative minds, it makes the reading experience all the more delightful. I adore it when writers really cut loose and totally shove the standard aside and have a little fun with some naughty wordplay. Seriously, right now, how many euphemisms can you come up with for sex or sex parts? A ton, right?

Today, let’s kick up our heels a little bit and enjoy a playful erotic noir. This next episode is sure to get your Yule Log warmed up, so you know, if you’ve got a perky pair of snow-globes snuggled up next to you…well, deck those halls, baby! Everyone ought to get a well-stuffed stocking…


Author Landon Dixon lives in a cold climate, writes hot stories. Big guy, sense of humor; likes everything hardboiled, including his food and his prose. Reads, writes, watches, and occasionally participates.


Available NOW in; Audiobook, Print, & eBook.

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