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KMQ Cover NEWThank you so much for your interest in submitting a story to The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast!

Over the years we’ve learned that writing for a listener is different than writing for a reader. Listening is a much more passive experience. While a reader holding a physical book can easily flip back a page or two if they become confused or distracted, the audio audience can’t. They are typically doing something else while listening—usually driving. So, if our listener becomes confused, or worse, loses interest, it’s very easy for them to tune out. We definitely don’t want that happening. We want to keep them engaged all the way to the very end.

SOME THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: Subtleties such as; internal dialogue, spoken dialogue, character or situational back-story/call-back, all become performed components of the story that need to be written very clearly, identifiable. Even punctuation takes on a whole new responsibility. Avoid phrase repetition, word rhyming, too much descriptive listing and irrelevant side characters. Also, an overabundance of italicized phrases, when used for internal dialogue or sarcasm, can be confusing and won’t translate the same in audio as it does on the page. Uncommon terms, phrases, or references specific to culture or region, without any explanation, tend to distract the listener if they aren’t easily recognizable or understandable. Unfamiliarity breeds distraction and can suck the audience right out of the story. In order to keep a listener immersed, “simply put” is always best. The key? Avoid confusion or vague references.

Before submitting your professionally edited story to The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica podcast, please read the following guidelines to be sure that you are on the right track to giving your story its best opportunity to be heard. When it comes down to it—your story’s words are still what matter. And, just like on the page, every single word counts. Please be sure that you meet/agree with the following requirements, otherwise your story will not be considered. To give yourself a clear understanding of expectations, please click the link and listen to a few KMQ episodes:

#SCENE CHANGES: Your story’s momentum flows best when there are smooth transitions and apparent scene changes. If a scene is ending, make it clear. This is where significant/dramatic music breaks will typically occur. This gives the listener the necessary time to mentally switch gears and prepare for what will happen next.

#UNINFORMED WRITING: Know what you’re writing about. Specifically; if you are writing a BDSM scene of any kind, be sure to know the rules that apply. D/s relationships have very specific requirements/rules. Even though this is fiction, the very first D/s rule is consent, then safety. Be sure to understand these dynamics.

#VIOLENCE: If there is any sexual violence in your story, be careful. Rape scenarios are not to be toyed with. Any Consent/Non-Consent play needs to be labeled so in the subject line of your submission email. Gratuitous violence for the sake of violence between “characters/lovers” will not be accepted. If your character likes to be “hit” or “abused” or “humiliated” in any manner, Rose needs to understand why, from your characters’ POV’s. The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica podcast will not entertain stories of careless or blatant abuse. If Rose cannot get into the head-space of your characters, then neither can the listeners.

#A word of caution: There are not many writers who can successfully carry out this type of story, so—Rose’s advice? You should probably avoid it.

**The KMQ Erotica podcast will not accept stories that include:
Non-Consent, Underage Sex, Incest, Bestiality, or Scat.**

* Submissions via email only: thekissmequicks(at)gmail(dot)com

* In the Subject line please indicate: KMQ Episode Submission for Consideration.

Rose will not accept or respond to submissions via Facebook, twitter, google+ or any other social media. If you want to send your printed submission via regular post, that is acceptable.

Attn: Rose Caraway
Stupid Fish Productions
P.O. Box 2962
Orangevale, CA 95662

#BETA READERS ARE AWESOME!: Please consider getting feedback from a reliable beta reader. The Slush Pile is a great place to start!

Upon submitting your fictional story, you must include the following important items:

* 1. Cover Page: Author Bio/Contact Info. & Story Title & Synopsis
* 2. Signed Agreement
* 3. Story (3 separate attachments)
**Story synopsis (200 wds or less) should include which genre your erotica story falls under. (Mystery, Literary, Horror, Sci-fi, Romance, Historical, Comedy, etc.)

FORMAT: Only publication-ready stories submitted in .doc or .rtf format will be considered. Do not paste your story in the body of your email. Attach your cover page, Signed Agreement, and the story as separate documents.

* 4,000 strict word limit
* Double/Single spaced lines
* Times New Roman font
* 12pt type
* 1-inch margins
* Standard 1-inch indents
* Please, no extra spaces between paragraphs
* Non-fiction stories will not be accepted

(Copy and Paste The Signed Agreement to a word doc. Sign & Email as attachment with submission)

THIS SIGNED AGREEMENT shows that the author has read, understands and agrees to all the terms indicated. Only hand-signed signatures are valid. Please do not type your name on the line. Scanned or mailed copies are acceptable.

Both Rose and Dayv Caraway will sign and return a scanned copy (via email) reflecting all signatures of participating parties UPON THE STORY’S ACCEPTANCE and not at any time before. Understand that not all stories will be accepted. Any questions regarding acceptance can be sent via email and will be answered in a timely manner.

If your story is accepted, there will likely be some adjusting done. It doesn’t matter how many editors or beta readers your story has been through. Audio, as Rose has stated above, is a different experience. Upon submission, the author agrees to allow changes to be made by Rose Caraway/Dayv Caraway (producers at Stupid Fish Productions) for the purposes of audio production. Even Rose’s stories get adjusted for a better listening experience. The goal is to keep a forward momentum going—we want to keep the attention of the listener. Clunky wording and waning description are always removed.

Author Agrees to:

A.) All stories on The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica podcast are listed and protected under the Creative Commons law. All stories featured on the show are FREE for anyone over 18 years of age to listen to. It is illegal to sell or use any featured stories in part or in full for commercial use. Authors are encouraged to share links and audio players on their websites or other social media sites in a Creative Commons only capacity. Please understand the Creative Commons licensing only applies to the audio file itself. Stupid Fish Productions owns no writes to the author’s original work. Authors are free to publish and sell their original works. The audio file remains FREE and SHARABLE under the Creative Commons protection. No monies are given or received to/by any of the authors, musicians, narrators or producers of The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica podcast.

B.) If you are submitting a story that has been previously published, then the author must have written publisher permission or already own the rights to the story being submitted. The author must include all information regarding publication. (Publisher, web site, email, title and date of publication)

The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica podcast gets hundreds of thousands of listeners every month. This is the perfect way to get your work out there for the world to hear. Please don’t abuse this privilege and ruin the experience for the rest of us. Our goals are the same. We want to entertain and hopefully, if we’ve done our jobs well enough, encourage new fans to listen and seek out more of your works in the future!

We thank you so much for your interest in submitting your work to The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica podcast. We look forward to working with you!

Good Luck!


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