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  1. Archangel Michael

    Your podcast is wonderful. I don’t most of the audio erotica that I have ever heard sounded like bad porn from the 70’s. Your reading is excellent and it’s obvious that you understand and love the material. It is rare to find such a sensual person who is also so intelligent and articulate. The relationship that you have with your husband is also wonderful and very entertaining to listen to. If this grows for you (so to speak) I think you two would be great blogging other media as well..i.e. politics, news, technology, etc.. either serious or humorous commentary would, I believe, be very successful. On a more techie note. The audio quality and mixing of your podcasts as well as the program timing is also very good. I am not a writer but I have written a few erotic stories and I love the topic. Perhaps if I am lucky we might work together at some time in the future..

    Thank you again for such a wonderful, sensual, and very well produced podcast.

    Sincere best wishes to you both.

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