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I Want You to Beta Read

The Slush Pile

Connecting Writers with Beta Readers

“How it Works”

1)¬†Writers – Post a “Call for Beta Readers”. Include details about your project. You may post a book cover, if you already have one, and/or an excerpt. Please do not post links to books that are already on sale. All projects should be shared free of charge in exchange for a beta read. For examples of other’s Calls for Beta Readers, scroll down our wall.

2) Readers – Scan the wall for Calls for Beta Readers that interest you and contact the writer by commenting on their post, or sending them a message (there’s a handy message function on the page so you can message one another privately). You’ll get free books, peeks “behind the curtain” of works in progress, and undying gratitude from the writers you’re helping.

3) Everyone – Feel free to share articles relating to writing, tips on reviewing or beta reading, writing tool or book recommendations or to ask your fellow group members questions about writing related things.


1) Do not post promos or links to your websites, pages, books for sale or any other form of sales promotion (let’s keep the focus on helping each other, not selling our stuff).

2) Play nice with one another. If you have an issue, please send a message to a page Admin.

3) Please share the group with your friends who love to read and/or write. The more readers and writers we can connect, the better books will be.

The Slush Pile

I Want to be a Slush Pile Beta Reader!

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