WOLF – 2014-2015

List of Characters for my next novel, “WOLF” Book should be completed by the end of 2014. “WOLF” so far has 50,343 wds to it and I am still not done. I really want this book to have as much life as I can put into it, so I am now taking my time to develop scenes as much as characters. I still have a ton of research to get a solid handle on. For example; Werewolf “rules”, the history of Colorado Silver Mining, cattle ranchers vs. wolves, silver miners vs. wolves, police procedures and trace evidence studies, wolf sanctuaries, The Sand Creek Massacre, Arapaho Indians, and herb-ology. This book will not be a read-over-the-weekend novel. My hopes are that by the time I am done, readers will have felt that they were sucked into a world of magic, suspense, tragedy and naturally-true love. I want to create an adventure that you will want to read again and again. “WOLF” is a story that I am very excited to finally be breathing life into and I have to force myself to slow down often, to check every angle and be sure to pay due respect to each and every character. If anyone out there has a reliable resource regarding any of the research topics I have listed above, please feel free to send me any links or book titles. You can email me at: thekissmequicks(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you so very much!


~Rose Caraway


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